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Raypak P-624 Commercial Heater 627K BTU Natural Gas


P-514 511,500 10"
P-624 627,000 12"
P-724 726,000 12"
P-824 825,000 14"


  • Rugged All-Brass Headers
    Resist corrosion, and are easily removed for inspection or service. AB 1953 Low-lead Compliant
  • Cupro-nickel Finned-tube Heat Exchanger
  • Single bank, cupro-nickel finned tube heat exchanger. Cupro-nickel tubes provide superior chemical resistance over copper for tough commercial installations.
  • On-off Operation
  • Certified to the ANSI Z21.56 pool heater standard.
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel
  • Fittings are brush galvanized against rust. Heat shields are corrosion-resistant steel. Jacket has Polytuf powder coat finish.
  • 24-Volt Controls
  • Are totally enclosed for protection. Door is easily removed for inspection and service.
  • Floating Return Header
  • Immunizes heat exchanger to thermal shock.
  • Tube Sheet and “O” Ring Construction
  • Eliminates the repair and maintenance problems associated with rolling tubes directly into a casting.
  • Interlocking Refractory Panels
  • Sealed corners reduce radiation losses.
  • Stainless Steel Burners
  • Maintain precise combustion burn quietly and won’t clog or corrode.
  • Slide-out Burner Tray
  • Allows easy inspection and service.
  • Condensation Protection
  • The Unitherm Governor inside the header helps reduce condensation from low inlet water temperatures. It automatically regulates the water flow to help keep the water temperature in the heat exchanger above 105°F. Both water temperature and water flow rate are controlled to eliminate condensation, sooting, and scale build-up that can shorten heater life.
  • Spark-to-Pilot Ignition
  • The most dependable ignition method available.
  • Available for natural gas or propane

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