Shopping for Pool Supplies Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

Maintaining your pool is more than keeping it looking nice. It’s important to keep your pool clean and running properly for the health of your family as well. Keeping your pool functioning and working its best is easy when you have all the right pool supplies. Unfortunately many pool owners view shopping for pool supplies as a hassle and a huge expense. Simplify your shopping by purchasing all your pool supply needs for an online discount retailer.

Shop Online for Your Pool Supplies

Shopping online at American Best Pool Supply allows you to find the supplies you need quickly and easily. Choosing American Best Pool Supply has a large inventory of nearly every supply you need to keep your pool up and running. With discount prices and fast shipping, there’s no need to shop around for pool supplies including cleaners, heaters, filters, and much more.

Replacement Pool Parts Keep Your Pool Running Efficiently

In order to maintain your pool or spa, it is necessary to take proper care of it. This includes regular cleanings and maintenance. Even with high quality pool parts, there will come a time during the life of your pool where you will need to replace parts for your pool heater, automatic pool cleaner, pool lighting and other necessary components. If you have recently taken over the cleaning and maintenance of your pool to save money, you may not know the best place to buy replacement pool parts at discount prices.

Buy Discount Pool Parts Online

American Best Pool Supply has all the pool parts including salt chlorinator parts, in-floor cleaning systems, pump parts, as well as spa parts. Buying your pool and spa necessities from American Best Pool Supply makes it easier for you to get everything you need quicker and at more affordable prices.

Pool Replacement Parts Save Money

In a tough economy, many take on a “do-it-yourself” attitude when it comes to the maintenance of their home, vehicle, and pool. Taking care of your own pool maintenance and cleaning is a great way to save money while extending the longevity of your pool. The first step to “do-it-yourself” pool maintenance is to learn the basics about different pool components such as your pool heater, your automatic pool cleaner, your chlorinator and your pool pump. Learning more about the different components of your pool will help you to know when it’s time to buy various pool replacement parts.

Pool replacement parts are an affordable option to keep your pool up and running without having to completely replace malfunctioning components such as your heater, cleaner, or pump. Save even more money on “do-it-yourself” repair, when you purchase pool replacement parts at discount prices from an online supplier.

Pool Heaters Can Be Economical and Efficient

Without a pool heater, your family is limited to using your pool only during the warmer parts of the year. Pool heaters extend the time of year where you can enjoy your pool. If you enjoy using your pool for exercise during early mornings or late evening, a pool heater can make your workouts longer and more enjoyable. Popular pool heater brands include Hayward pool heaters, Raypak pool heaters, Jandy pool heaters and Pent-Air pool heaters. These popular pool heater brands are efficient as well as economical to save you money. Many pool heaters offer quick heat up time and are ruggedly built to last the elements.

With the ability to find reasonably priced pool heaters that are long lasting, economical to run, and efficient, there’s no reason to wait. Install a heater for your pool today.

Using a Salt Chlorine Generator Over Compounds

If you keep up on the maintenance of your pool by yourself, you are already familiar with chlorine compounds and other chemicals. The trips to the supply store, the cost of chlorine tabs, and the uncertainty of measuring out the right amount of chemical for your pool can all be very frustrating. If you purchase a salt chlorine generator, however, you can use ordinary table salt to produce all of the chlorine your pool needs. This saves you time and money, and will reduce the stress and hassle of other methods.

Other Benefits of a Salt Chlorine Generator

In addition to reducing the need to purchase and store harsh chlorine products, a salt chlorine generator uses fewer resources in the production, packaging and transportation of the chlorine. Over time, you will save money and reduce your carbon footprint by making chlorine yourself using table salt. Visit for more information on solutions for your pool today.

Swim All Year with Hayward Pool Heaters

Do you own a pool? Have you ever had the urge to go swimming at night or on a weekend in the winter? If you have not been able to due to cold weather, it may be time to invest in one of the different types of Hayward pool heaters. Hayward heaters increase the value of your pool and extend your swimming season, which allows you to enjoy more time around and in the centerpiece of your yard.

Universal Hayward Pool Heaters Work for Anyone

Gas Hayward pool heaters are universal and environmentally friendly, featuring natural gas with low NOx emissions. The universal heaters will work with almost any pool, indoor or outdoor, so be sure to check the specifications before ordering. With these pool heaters, you can add hours onto your swimming day and season, which you can use for more exercise or leisure activities. Visit American Best Pool Supply online today for more information about heaters for your pool.

Pentair Heaters for Above Ground Pools

If you are in the market for a heater for your above ground pool, there are many different types you can buy. It is important to research the models from different companies and see how the heaters will work in your yard before committing to the investment. If you are looking for a natural gas option, a Pentair heater may be the perfect solution. These compact, self-contained units are easy to install and maintain, and can be used with your spa or small above ground pool with up to a 900 gallon capacity. The 100,000 BTU output is perfect for heating these setups in both an efficient and economical way.

Other Features of a Pentair Heater

There are additional features you get by buying a Pentair heater for your pool. The small setup is quiet and dependable, and the controls are designed to be easy to use. There are also measures in place to minimize condensation and preserve heat transfer efficiency. Visit American Best Pool Supply online today for a full list of features, and for more information on pool heaters by Pentair.

Interested in Above Ground Pool Heaters?

If you own an above ground pool at your home, you may not be taking advantage of all of the potential features it offers. In addition to recreational pool supplies for your pool, did you know that above ground pool heaters allow you to use your pool all year round? No longer will you have to cover your pool after August and leave it unused until the next summer. You can relax and enjoy your pool any time of year simply by buying and installing a new heater.

Above Ground Pool Heaters are Easy to Use

In addition to the added usability of your pool, above ground pool heaters are very simple to use. With electronic, direct spark ignition systems, you won’t have to struggle with pilot lights or the dangers of gas if the heater malfunctions. The quickness of the heater means it is energy efficient, and will not have to run for long periods of time. Visit American Best Pool Supply online today for more information on heaters for your above ground pool.

How to Find the Right Pool Replacement Parts

If you are in need of replacing something for your pool like a filter or cleaner, you may be asking yourself if you need just a small part, or a completely new product. While some things are better off being replaced due to damage, you may find that you only need a few pool replacement parts to get the job done. To find the parts you need, you can consult the manufacturer, but then you’d end up spending much more than you likely can anticipate. Visit American Best Pool Supply to find individual parts to work with your pool for a much better deal.

Pool Replacement Parts Over Replacing Entire Systems

It may be wiser to buy pool replacement parts instead of buying a completely new system for your pool. For example, if the hose on your automatic pool cleaner has a hole in one segment, buying a completely new cleaner is not cost effective. You will end up saving money and frustration if you can order replacement parts and install them yourself. Visit to find the perfect parts for your pool today.

Upgrade Your Yard With Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps

If you are in need of an upgrade for your pool or if you need to replace your existing heating system, energy-efficient pool pumps may be just what you are looking for. With the latest offerings from companies such as Rheem, Hayward and Pentair, you could be heating your pool for nearly 80% less each year. With an eco-friendly pool heating system, you can save money and afford to use your pool year round without worrying about heating costs.

The Benefits of Electric Pool Pumps

With gas-powered pool pumps and heating systems, you may need to install pricey gas lines and unsightly propane tanks in order to keep the pumps running. With electric pool pumps, you can save on the added energy costs and see a return on your investment. You can be assured that your pool will maintain a constant temperature, which will also lower your costs because the heater will not need to run all of the time. Visit American Best Pool Supply for more information on electric pool pumps or for any of your pool supply needs online at