Hayward Pool Pumps: MaxFlo XL Newest Model

Hayward Pool Pump Max-Flo XLThe Max-Flo XL is the newest Hayward pool pump added to the Max-Flo line . It’s the ideal self-priming, medium-head pump for entry-level new construction and aftermarket applications.  Max-Flo XL’s advanced hydraulics deliver the performance and reliability that everyone needs.  It’s silent operation and affordable price make it a favorite for pool owners. 

Max-Flo XL Hayward pool pumps range in different horsepower from 3/4 to 2hp.  They also available in dual speed options.  These pumps can be purchased at:




Pool Pumps

Pentair Intelliflo Pool Pump

Jandy ePump Pool Pump

Hayward Ecostar Pool Pump

These above Variable Speed Pool Pumps are super energy saving! and you could save up to 80% to 90% monthly electric billing. Depending how you set the programs and how many cycles of these pool pumps of the day and could be greatly reduce your electric power consumption. These pool pumps are the new path of today and the future for pool owners. Some states and local may require more energy saving and these pool pumps will be your best choice. You can program it and forget about it and no hassle, just follow owner manual instructions for how to program the pool pumps. As of today, there are only 3 manufacture that make these pool pumps available in the market: Pentair Intelliflo pump, Jandy (Zodiac) ePump and Hayward Ecostar pool pump.