Warm Pools for Cold Winters

Just because its winter time doesn’t mean you have to stop using the pool! Keep your spa and pool nice and warm with our many choices of heaters. From Hayward to Raypak, we have different size heaters for nearly any pool big or small. Our smaller heaters are also more than capable of keeping your spa heated through the frosty winter season!

Jandy Pool Heaters

The two latest pool heater series by Jandy are the Lxi and the Legacy. The Lxi models are all low nox which greatly reduces their emissions. Some Lxi units are equipped with cupro nickel coated heat exchangers on the inside which allows them to tackle heavy duty usage. The Jandy Legacy is available in two different models. One allows for electronic ignition while the other features a millivolt ignition.

The LXI400NN 400K BTU Natural Gas Cupro Nickel Heater is on sale for $1869.

MasterTemp Pool Heaters

The MasterTemp series by Pentair is a reliable set of pool heaters. With its compact design and easy to use interface, the MasterTemp has quickly become a household name amongst pool owners. The MasterTemp is fitted for low nox emissions which reduces its carbon footprint.The heavy duty (HD) units come with a cupro-nickel coated heat exchanger which bolsters its performance against low pH, salt chlorination systems, and other heavy usage. All MasterTemp heaters are designed with super quiet operations in mind and won’t intrude on your leisure time.

The 460732 MasterTemp 250K BTU Heater Natural Gas is priced at $1387.00