Hassle Free Superflo

The Superflo pump by Pentair is another excellent product. While weaker than its cousin the Whisperflo, the Superflo series has an interesting feature going for it! One major factor into purchasing a new pipe is figuring out the size of your plumbing. Many customers don’t know the size of their plumbing and this can lead to the wrong purchase! Thankfully, the Superflo can use BOTH 1 1/2 and 2 inch unions!

The User Friendly Mastertemp

If you’re looking for Pentair heaters, look no further than the Mastertemp series. The Mastertemps come with a variety of BTU up to 400k. If you run salt water or salt chlorinator systems, we also carry the HD version which has a cupro nickel coated heat exchanger to take on the further corrosion caused by salt! Currently we have a sale on many of our Mastertemp heaters. Our most popular Mastertemp would be the 250K BTU Natural Gas model priced at $1366. Prices are subject to change!

Hayward Variable Speed Pumps

While the Ecostar and Intelliflo pumps are popular choices for variable speed pumps, it leaves a lot of customers in the dust! Many pool owners simply don’t need that strong output or they only have 1 1/2in plumbing. That’s where Hayward’s Super Pump Variable Speed and Max Flo XL Variable Speed pumps come in! Their outputs come out to 1.5HP and the Max Flo still retains its capability of using both 1 1/2 AND 2in plumbing!

LXI400NN: The Go-To Heater

The LXI400NN heater by Jandy is the top of the line in the current market. It comes with a cupro nickel coated heat exchanger which protects it from further corrosion caused by salt water, salt chlorination systems, and hard water. It is also a low nox heater which translates to lower emissions from the unit itself. Another extra feature is its ability to sustain itself at elevations upward to 10,000ft! This is the heater that literally has it all! It is priced on our website at a discounted price of $1979.

Incredible Discount Pumps: Super II Pumps

While your mind may be set on a new pump, your wallet may not agree so readily! if you’re on a tight budget, look no further than our Super II Pumps on sale! Most of our max rated Super II Pumps are on sale for under $400! Shipping is also discounted on all of our max rated Super II Pumps.If you’re looking for something cheap and reliable, look no further than our max rated Super II Pumps by Hayward!