NC22 Smartkleen

The NC22 Smartkleen by Smartpool is one of the cheaper and reliable robotic pool cleaners out there. It is able to climb walls and help save you on your costs! Through its low energy engineering, it can help you save on electric, chemical, and bachwash costs while only using pennies to operate!

Poolvergnuegen Cleaners

Pool cleaners by Poolvergnuegen feature self adjusting turbine vanes, robust tire treads, and a steering system for easy cleaning. The vanes allow for strong cleaning even with low pressure and suction. The designed tire treads gives it great dexterity. It can easily climb walls or maneuver over/through obstacles. The steering system built into all Poolvergnuegens further enhances the dexterity of the cleaners. It won’t get stuck on uneven surfaces, odd corners or main drains anytime soon!

iAqualink: Smart Automation

The iAqualink by Zodiac is one of our newer models when it comes to pool and spa automation. The iAqualink can use many smart devices such as Android and Apple smart phones! Installation is also easy and convenient. This automation system allows you to control many features such as pool & spa temperature, lighting, pool cleaners, etc.