Pentair Kreepy Krauly

Pentair has redesigned the Kreepy Krauly to give consumers even more advantages in comparison to its predecessor. However, there are still key similarites between the two that makes the Kreepy Krauly what it is today. The automatic regulator valve controls water flow to set the ideal travel speed for more thorough cleaning. The roller strap maneuvers the cleaner around steps and ladders for unhibited cleaning. The dive float helps guide the cleaner throughout your entire pool. The wings channel the leaves, dirt and debris directly to your skimmer and pump basket.

Hayward Heaters: Heating Extrodinaire

The Universal-H Series by Hayward is a top class pool heater. A choice of left side or right side electric, gas, and water connections makes for unprecedented installation flexibility. All Universal-H Series comes with cupro nickel plated heat exchangers, dual voltage, superior hydraulic performance, low NOx emissions, and a state of the art finn plate heat exchanger. Don’t let looks fool you. Despite it being small and sleek, these heaters can pump out those btus like the rest of the bigger units out there. The main advantage to having a smaller heater is more space in your poolscape.