The New JXi Heaters by Zodiac

Zodiac Pool Systems has officially launched the new and highly anticipated Jandy Pro series JXi gas heater. Unlike its heavier, bulkier predecessors, the JXi boasts an ultra-compact size, lightweight design and installation flexibility. These high efficiency,low NOx units are available in 3 BTU sizes, 200K, 260K and 399K. Both natural and propane gas models are also readily available. The JXi heater is highly efficient and has earned a thermal efficiency rating of 83%, which surpasses strict DOE thermal efficiency requirements. Weighing in at less than 126 pounds unpackaged, the JXi lends itself to easier maneuverability and transport. The RS485 digital interface equipped to this model is Aqualink/iAqualink compatible for pool and spa automation. The JXi heater’s additional features only serve to increase its flexibility and serviceability. These features include sidewall ventilation, 180 degree rotatable top, and a flip open electrical panel.