Pentair Superflo Variable Speed

Affordable variable speed technology finally makes its way to standard pools. Pentair’s latest offering is the Superflo VS Variable Speed Pump. With its variable speed technology, it can potentially slash energy costs by 80% compared to conventional pool pumps. With premium features like a 24-hour real-time clock and an intuitive interface that displays watts and RPMs, they’re easy to program and operate. This pump is ideal for pools that can handle up to 1.5hp. The Superflo VS is the only variable speed pump on the market today that features 115/208-230V. This pump is also a direct drop-in replacement for the Hayward Super Pump. Like its other Pentair cousins, this pump does not require a separate timer.


Pentair Racer

The Kreepy Krauly Racer puts the cleaning into high gear with its sleek styling and aggressive pursuit of dirt and debris. The Racer can clean in forward and reverse mode which results in it finishing 30% faster than the competitors. Its features place emphasis on “more.” More power, more suction, more of the things that make a cleaner truly efficient. It is able to deliver nearly a 1/3 more cleaning power than most other cleaners and a 40% large vacuum intake to tackle debris of all shapes and sizes.The built-in rotating brush makes quick work of hard-to-remove debris and is great for sandy environments and new pool finishes. Its deep cleaning and speedy performance will have you spending less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pool. The Racer is the first of its kind to feature twin LED lights to add ambiance and intrigue to your nighttime cleaning. The lights are powered by their own water turbine. Thus, it eliminates the worry and need for batteries. Currently, the Racer also comes with a $200 rebate which will end December 31, 2015.


Hayward AquaNaut Suction Pool Cleaners

With the new year already underway, Hayward has prepared some new products in response! Allow me to introduce the latest suction cleaners by Hayward, the AquaNaut 200 & 400 models. Both models can handle most debris without clogging. The V Flex technology eliminates any clogs and maximizes power at any flow.┬áMultiple pre-programmed steering sequences ensure complete pool coverage and end to end cleaning. The 200 model is mainly for smaller pools with its max compatible size being 16′ x 32′. It features a 33′ hose length and can be used on almost any pool surface. The minimum pump size that the owner may use with these cleaners should be 1/2hp or 35gpm. Much like its smaller brother, the 400 model can be utilized on most pool surfaces. Unlike the 2 wheel cleaner, this one features a 4 wheel drive with a 40′ hose length. This allows the 400 model to be applied to larger pools up to 20′ x 40′. And last but not least, both AquaNaut models have a limited 70 dollar rebate. This offer will only last until April 5th, 2015.