Pentair Whisperflo: Full Rated VS. Up Rated Motors

Many customers have always wondered what the difference is between a full rated and an uprated pump. For this example, we’ll be looking at Pentair’s Whisperflo lineup. There IS a difference and its to the full rated pump’s advantage. When looking at the HP of a pump, it is also important to note the SF or Service Factor. To get the true horsepower, multiply the HP rating and the SF.

Whisperflo-Pump-Chartwhisperflo curve

As you can see, the full rated pumps operate at a significantly higher power than their uprated counterparts. You won’t be getting as much HP with an uprated pump in comparison to a full rated. In fact, an uprated 2HP Whisperflo actually operates a step down from a full rated 2HP Whisperflo!┬áThere are also notable advantages to a higher SF rating. In summation, a full rated pump will always operate more efficiently than an uprated pump. All of our motor/pump stock consists of FULL RATED motors/pumps. We carry only the best for our customers.