Jandy Pool Heaters

The two latest pool heater series by Jandy are the Lxi and the Legacy. The Lxi models are all low nox which greatly reduces their emissions. Some Lxi units are equipped with cupro nickel coated heat exchangers on the inside which allows them to tackle heavy duty usage. The Jandy Legacy is available in two different models. One allows for electronic ignition while the other features a millivolt ignition.

The LXI400NN 400K BTU Natural Gas Cupro Nickel Heater is on sale for $1869.

Jandy LXi Pool Heaters “Best Choice”

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Jandy LXi Heaters by Zodiac — Integrating the most advanced features — from superior hydraulic design, to technologically-innovative control systems.

Jandy LXi heaters exceed environmental standards for Low NOx emissions. Lower emissions mean you can enjoy your pool with confidence, knowing your pool equipment is designed with the environment in mind.

  • High efficiency C-Fin heat exchanger is designed to lower operating costs and provide greater savings
  • Highest efficiency rating in the industry to keep your pool heating costs low
  • Low NOx, fan-assisted combustion and Hot Surface Ignition systems provide maximum performance in all weather conditions

Jandy innovation provides the ultimate in convenience with the Zodiac LXi control panel’s remote mounting feature.


  • The feature rich control panel has a user-friendly backlit display and a simplified menu for ease of operation
  • Built-in one-touch automation makes pool-to-spa switching simple
  • The LXi heaters enable easy connection to Zodiac controls, and other pool/spa automation systems and automatic valve systems

Technical Details

  • Smallest equipment pad footprint
  • Communicates with the AquaLink® RS family of controls
  • Fan assisted low NOx combustion
  • Lightweight polymer headers
  • NN and PN models include cupro-nickel tubes
  • NC and PC models include copper tubes, bronze headers and ASME® Certified rating.
  • NS and PS are cupro-nickel and bronze ASME Certified

Jandy Pool Heaters – Legacy Heaters – Digital Electronic – Millivolt

Legacy Heater
gas pool heaters
Pool Heaters
  • 125K BTU
  • 175K BTU
  • 250K BTU
  • 325K BTU
  • 400K BTU




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Jandy Legacy Heaters by Zodiac — You can depend on the performance and reliability year after year, season after season.

The atmospheric Legacy heater builds on Zodiac’s long-standing tradition of excellence in gas heater design. Built to last and loaded with technologically-advanced, user-friendly features. Legacy heaters are an energy-efficient, economical pool heating solution.

  • Copper heat exchanger and Flo-Thru baffles provide efficient heat transfer and lower the amount of energy needed to heat your pool.
  • Available in two models, Electronic Ignition and Millivolt Standing Pilot

Whichever model you select, it’s sure to provide years of dependable service. With our industry-leading 24-point quality check system, you can depend on Legacy’s performance and reliability year after year, season after season.

LRZ125EN Jandy Legacy, 125KBTU, Digital, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ125EP Jandy Legacy, 125KBTU, Digital, LP, Polymer Headers
LRZ175EN Jandy Legacy, 175KBTU, Digital, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ175EP Jandy Legacy, 175KBTU, Digital, LP, Polymer Headers
LRZ250EN Jandy Legacy, 250KBTU, Digital, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ250EP Jandy Legacy, 250KBTU, Digital, LP, Polymer Headers
LRZ325EN Jandy Legacy, 325KBTU, Digital, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ400EN Jandy Legacy, 400KBTU, Digital, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ400EP Jandy Legacy, 400KBTU, Digital, LP, Polymer Headers
LRZ125MN Jandy Legacy, 125KBTU, Millivolt, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ125MP Jandy Legacy, 125KBTU, Millivolt, LP, Polymer Headers
LRZ175MN Jandy Legacy, 175KBTU, Millivolt, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ175MP Jandy Legacy, 175KBTU, Millivolt, LP, Polymer Headers
LRZ250MN Jandy Legacy, 250KBTU, Millivolt, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ250MP Jandy Legacy, 250KBTU, Millivolt, LP, Polymer Headers
LRZ325MN Jandy Legacy, 325KBTU, Millivolt, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ325MP Jandy Legacy, 325KBTU, Millivolt, LP, Polymer Headers
LRZ400MN Jandy Legacy, 400KBTU, Millivolt, Nat, Polymer Headers
LRZ400MP Jandy Legacy, 400KBTU, Millivolt, LP, Polymer Headers