LXI400NN: The Go-To Heater

The LXI400NN heater by Jandy is the top of the line in the current market. It comes with a cupro nickel coated heat exchanger which protects it from further corrosion caused by salt water, salt chlorination systems, and hard water. It is also a low nox heater which translates to lower emissions from the unit itself. Another extra feature is its ability to sustain itself at elevations upward to 10,000ft! This is the heater that literally has it all! It is priced on our website at a discounted price of $1979.

Jandy Pool Heaters

The two latest pool heater series by Jandy are the Lxi and the Legacy. The Lxi models are all low nox which greatly reduces their emissions. Some Lxi units are equipped with cupro nickel coated heat exchangers on the inside which allows them to tackle heavy duty usage. The Jandy Legacy is available in two different models. One allows for electronic ignition while the other features a millivolt ignition.

The LXI400NN 400K BTU Natural Gas Cupro Nickel Heater is on sale for $1869.