Mastertemp Pool Heater 400K Model 460736


Mastertemp Pool Heater by Pentair

Mastertemp pool heater offers all the efficiency, convenience and reliability features you want in a pool heater, plus a lot more. As easy to use as your home heating system, plus, user-friendly indicator lights make system operation and monitoring a snap. The Mastertemp pool heater is compact design and super quiet operation won’t intrude on your poolside leisure time. Heavy-duty (HD) unit with cupro-nickel exchanger stands up to the harshest of applications, like low pH, high flow or heavy use. American Best Pool Supply is offering the best price and super fast shipping, please call us toll free 888-284-6007. Local customers are welcome for pick up at any time. Mastertemp pool heaters measures up. Compare this list  of features to any other and you’ll see why Mastertemp heater are setting a new standard for total value.

Mastertemp Pool heater

Mastertemp Pool Heater


  • Mastertemp pool heater is very compact design for such a high performance heater, allows for smaller overall equipment pads that won’t intrude on your poolscape.
  • A fully pre-mixed system with a highly efficient air and gas mixture lets the Mastertemp pool heater heat up fast. No long waits before enjoying your pool or spa.
  • With a hot surface ignition (no pilot light) and pushbutton, digital controls, the MasterTemp heaters is as easy to operate as your home heating system. Plus, user-friendly indicator lights make system operation and monitoring a snap.
  • The easy-to-view, rotating digital display places controls front and center, no matter how the MasterTemp heaters is positioned on your equipment pad.
  • Mastertemp pool heater are engineered for super-quiet operation and won’t intrude on your poolside leisure time.
  • Eco-friendly, the MasterTemp heaters is certified for low NOx emissions and outperforms industry standards.
  • Mastertemp pool heater is safe operation through a series of features, including: a water pressure switch that senses the pump is running to prevent overheating, high limit switches assure the heater turns off if water temperature exceeds factory-set limits, manual gas shut-off when service is required, stack flue sensor also guards against overheating.

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Mastertemp 125 K BTU Heater

 Mastertemp 125 Spa Heater

Mastertemp 125 BTU

Mastertemp  125

Mastertemp Heater 125 Introducing the High-Efficiency, High-Technology Heater for Bodies of Water Up to 15,000 Gallons.  The remarkably affordable new MasterTemp eater 125 heater gives you the energy savings and advanced operating features that were only available from much larger heaters. With its revolutionary pre-mixed gas combustion technology, the MasterTemp heater 125 offers 82% thermal efficiency – the highest of any heater in its category. Its 1-1/2″ plumbing is ideal for smaller applications, including aboveground pools, spas and inground pools up to 15,000 gallons. Featuring the first ever rotating, digital display offered in its class, the MasterTemp 125 heater provides valuable information conveniently and at the touch of a button. Plus, its lightweight, compact design makes the MasterTemp 125 heater easier to install than any other heater in its class – reducing labor costs which saves you money.


  • Mastertemp heater 125 – 82% energy efficiency is highest in its class.
  • High-performance, affordable heating with premium features.
  • 1-1/2″ plumbing – ideal for smaller bodies of water up to 15,000 gallons.
  • Mastertemp heater 125 – Pre-mixed combustion technology for ultra-fast heat-up.
  • Rotating digital display – the first in its price category – provides fast, easy access for programming and monitoring.
  • Certified for low NOx emissions.
  • Certified for outdoor and indoor – vented installations.


The MasterTemp heater 125 has earned the Eco Select brand distinction as one of the “greenest” and most efficient choices from Pentair. Eco Select products are designed to help you save energy, conserve water, eliminate or reduce noise, or otherwise contribute to a more environmentally responsible equipment system.

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